Easy Peasy Pancakes

This whole week i was just craving pancakes. I was craving them so much that all i felt like eating was those tasty beauties. So what better to do then have a bunch of friends over Saturday night and fry up some super sensational pancakes? Yummo!


And if your friends don’t like to wait don’t fret! All you need is this easy peasy pancake recipe. And this radical recipe is as easy as can be. All you need is One egg, One cup milk and One cup flour.




Mix the flour, egg and milk together and Cook them in a pan and that’s all there’s to it

This recipe is just the basic recipe but feel free to add in little treats like, chocolate chips (my personal favourite addition) also banana slices and sprinkle’s  are also perfect for a colourful surprise.

Spreads and things to go on top ,

Nutella (of course)

penut butter (yummbo)

maple syrup 

Ice cream 

Or really just any of your personal favourites 

Go crazy, get creative and enjoy






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